See Me Now

SEE ME NOW ? is a live performance where the audience can experience the architecture and history of  the building. With light and sound Ivo Bol and Marion Tränkle open up  the space and give voice to the personal stories related to this place. The cupola is based on the idea of ​​the Panopticum, conceived in the 18th century by  Jeremy Bentham, as an architecture for perfect control. “A cruel, ingenious cage” according to the philosopher Foucault.

Tränkle and Bol relate to this monumental architecture with a composition specially made with and for the building. The relation between the domes centrally organized surveillance functionality and the surrounding 224 cells distributed over 4 floors are revisited and reinterpreted by use of sound, light and movement. Rhythms, synchronous movement, relations and black-outs: continuously changing and emergent patterns created by people and their history with the building. Everyone is free to rediscover the space, there is no audience seating. By moving through the cupola, spatial and emotional experiences changes and transform the dome  by our own ears and eyes.


soundcomposition: Ivo Bol

lightcomposition: Marion Tränkle

voice: Florian de Backere

performance: Roos van Berkel, Maria Ines Villasmil en Suzana Gomes, Cindy Brussel-Bieneman, Annemarie Libbers, Maartje Douwes

sound technician: Cesco van de Zwaag


developed in collaboration with  Stichting Panopticon and Cityscape Foundation

The project has been made possible with the support of The Performing Arts Fund NL and  creative industries fund nl.


Event: Open de Koepel – Architectural Healing

Date: November 9, 2018, starting time 21:00

Location: De Koepel, Harmejansweg 1, Haarlem