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Roos van Berkel is a choreographer and movement researcher. After her education in dance theatre and movement analysis in London and New York, she works in & from Amsterdam since 2008.

What moves me?

The interactions between people, objects and their surroundings. I am interested in how the relationships between the humane and non-humane, the material and the immaterial come into being and sustain: creating stories where fact and fiction intertwine.

I have performed my work at various digital art and art&technology festivals in The Netherlands: E-Pulse, STRP and Discovery festival. Other festivals include Museumnacht Amsterdam and the Gent Light Festival (BE).

I generally collaborate with other artists, designers and scientists. This led to the duet ‘2 of a kind’ with a humanoid robot of the Eindhoven University of Technology, the duet ‘Your body – My landscape’ with Hungarian choreographer Gyula Berger and the brain choreography ‘(un)focussed’ with composer Ivo Bol and scientist/artist Alberto Novello. Currently I’m setting up the performance collective ‘NOW’ with visual dramaturg Marion Tränkle and composer Ivo Bol.

I teach Movement Analysis and Movement Research at the Amsterdam School for the Arts (AHK) since 2008 and have coached projects at the TU/e since 2009.  I also conduct scientific research in the field of behavorial robotics and intelligent systems together with assistant professor Emilia Barakova (TU/e). Internationally I have taught workshops in f.e. Belgium, Germany, Finland, Austria and Hungary.












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